On this page you can find available dogs and puppies. However, often times we are not up to date and the best place to view addition available puppies is our Petfinder as that is the most accurate! 



12 Weeks Old - ARK Pet Boutique 

Malorie is a beautiful Shepherd Mix puppy. She’s smart, loving, and playful. Most people when they meet her, can’t believe that she’s only 12 weeks old! She acts like such an old soul. 

Adoption Fee 




8 Weeks Old - Australian Shepherd Mix 

Rockie is a handsome Shepherd Mix with loads of personality. You can often find him being goofy and playful.  

Adoption Fee:




8 weeks old - Terrier Mix 

Pepe is a favorite here at ARK. He's got a lovable personality, playful disposition, and great attitude. 

Adoption Fee:


Three French Bullgod Puppies

What does the fee include?

Thank you for considering adoption!

All dogs and puppies adoption fee includes:

- Spay or Neuter

- Microchip 

- 3 Rounds of Vaccines

- Dewormer

 - Parasite Treatment

- Flea Treatment

- $100 in store credit at ARK Pet Boutique for all your new puppy supplies 

- Free puppy goody bag 

- Free first groom at Ultimate Dog Grooming in Tigard, Oregon!